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Slide Gate

Vanne levante

The gate for high water level and large sections.

Roller gate

  • Description: The roller gate allows to regulate or cut the flow, rollers on each side can facilitate the operation.
  • Application : For security in a penstock, high hydrostatic pressure...
  • Safety : It is possible to have gravity closing or opening that do not require energy input.
  • Operation : hydraulic cylinder of a screw/gearmotor system.

Vanne wagon

Sliding gate

  • Description : It is used for moderate frequency applications and for relatively small dimensions and loads (as gravel slide gate...)
  • Application : Can be adapted as a safety gate.

Vanne degravement

A flapper can be install on the gate for flow regulation or upstream water level regulation.


  • Description : a stoplog is a temporary gate designed to isolate a submerged part to dry a downstream or a upstream area in order to carry out contrsution work or maintenance on the hydraulic equipment..
  • Application : it can be install upstream or downstream of a gate into groove section to isolate the gate from upstream and downstream water level, it can be design as one part or as many stackable element.
  • Operation : can be operated under zero load by chain or lifting beam, under light loads by manual fixed jacks, under heavy load by hydraulic cylinders of electrical jacks.


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