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WaterPower ingénierie (WPi) is an engineering company in hydropower and dams industry. We are involved in major public and private projects as well as micro-hydro power plant and hydraulic equipment, we provide expertise on Gates (Slide & weir gate, Flap gate, Stop logs, bulk head, Roller gate, Radial gate...), Valves (Ball valve, Globe valve, Check Valve, Butterfly valve, Breather valve, Security valve...), Turbines (Kaplan turbine, Francis turbine, Pelton turbine, Screw turbine, Crossflow turbine...), Penstocks, Screens, Trash rack cleaner, Fish pass, Waterproof doors and Accessories...

As an expert in hydropower, dams, water engineering and design services, we carry out projects from design to start-up through detailed engineering, drawings, projects management, manufacturing, and site installation.

They work with us: EDF, VNF, CNES, EIFFAGE, VINCI, SHEM, CNR, ISL …

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